We are experiencing some unusual and trying times, unlike any other time in our nations history. These times dictate even more diligence in how we conduct our business. For the past thirty-eight (38) years I have been involved in the Collision Repair business and I have endeavored to stay consistent in my approach to the quality of my trade as well as to the manner in which I serve my community. An important part of this process is evaluating my business partners to make certain that they are consistent and fair with my customers. In the auto body business there is really only one absolute, the care for my customers coupled with superior workmanship. Unfortunately, in my opinion, business, in general, has lost much of that ethic. All one has to do is pick up the paper and read how yet another company has betrayed the trust instilled in them by their loyal customers. From day one I have made the decision that my suppliers and my business partners would possess the same work ethics that were instilled in me at an early age; be fair, be consistent and give the best that you can give in everything you do.

Many times it is the insurance company that dictates certain aspects of the service I provide to the customer.  As I move forward I always attach the aforementioned credo to my evaluation of the ‘company’ that represents my customer in a time of need. Allow me to use an analogy; if I were in a position where I needed to contemplate a required surgery I would seek out the best surgeon available. Not knowing surgery techniques and the nuances that go with those skills I would ask my Doctor for a referral or possibly several recommendations. The reason is simple; he is in the business and knows the process. In that same vein I would be the ‘Doctor’ when it comes to insurance claims, auto body techniques and the histories that go with both entities. So, to make it short and to the point; if someone would ask me about the actions of the insurance companies I work with and how they treat their clients I would have the expert knowledge and history to respond with a great degree of confidence. To this end I would not hesitate to recommend and give high praise to any of our local agents I deal with on a day to day basis. I work with them daily and the bottom line is very simple; they fit, perfectly, the ethical profile mentioned earlier. They are fair, consistent and give the best they can give in every situation in order to allow their customer to receive best results from an unfortunate situation.

With best regards, 

Randy Massey, Owner

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