**In the nick of time……

I live in Las Vegas and was visiting my Aunt in Lakewood. I had decided to drive out from Las Vegas, taking advantage of the mountains and canyons along the way. After spending 7 great days with my Aunt I was scheduled to leave on the 8th day and of course got involved in a rear end collision on I70 the day before I was to leave. I had given myself a couple of extra days before I was to return to work but now my car was not driveable and was faced with only two options; fly back to Vegas, rent a car and then when my car was fix fly back to Colorado and then drive back lickety split. Option two was to wait for my car to be fixed, not a great option as I was sure it would take at least eight to ten days to get it done. L&H Auto Body in Wheat Ridge was recommended. I must admit that I went there expecting the worst….you know what they say, expect the worst and you will receive the worst. Not this time! I explained my situation and they could not have been more accommodating. They shuffled some cars around, moved me into a clot and bingo my car was done in FOUR days! I couldn’t believe it and the best part is it looked fantastic!! I picked it up and drove back to Vegas only missing one day of work. I don’t ever want to see the guys at L&H again but if I ever find myself in a bind like this again I hope that whoever I am dealing with is half as nice and half as accommodating as they were………they saved my butt!!

Lanayia K 

**A 100% positive experience!

April 3, 2011

Janice H.

Golden, Colorado

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at L & H Auto Body for the wonderful service I experienced when I had to bring my car in for repair a couple of weeks ago. I was rather leery about having to take my car in for repairs but after speaking with my insurance company and learning that your company was just a few blocks from my place of work I decided to bring my car to you.

Your customer service was exemplary from the moment I walked in the door. I only remember a couple of names from the first meeting. Stephanie and Vera come to mind. Both ladies were friendly, helpful and prompt in greeting me and taking of my needs.

I was pleasantly surprised at being kept informed of the work progress on my car. I didn’t feel like I had to work to get information and I truly appreciate that. It was nice to kept current on the status of things.

When I picked up my car it looked beautiful! I was genuinely pleased with the quality of work and again with the attention to detail when it was time to take possession of my car. I was walked out to the vehicle and an explanation was given as to what had been done.

I am in customer service my self so I’m always watching to see how other companies deal with their customers. I can honestly say that working with your people was a 100% positive experience.

Thank you everyone for the top quality service and work!


Janice H

May 23, 2011

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

Just a short note to compliment Stephanie, Vera yourself and the entire front office on the fine customer service you delivered to my family and me. the team and L&H Auto Body knows a great deal about the business and treated me with professional and cheerful spirits. Before contacting L&H, I had spoken with other body shops and estimators inquiring about what and how they would assist me. I was somewhat surprised by the “we could care less about you or you need us more than we need you” attitude. Businesses today need to realize customers know other people and word gets around. I am very impressed that L&H recofnizes this.

You can be proud of the office personnel there, knowing your customers are treated with the utmost knowledgeable people and honest care. It’s no wonder L&H Auto Body has risen to and maintains leadership in the industry.

I would like this letter of compliment to become part of your front office team member’s, personal file. I would like the owners to receive this letter as well.


C. Kranz

Arvada, CO

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